India Hemp Awards

India Hemp Awards 2024 :

Indianvaidyas and Hempvaidyas are proud to present the India Hemp Awards 2024, aimed at recognizing excellence in the realms of both business and health sectors. Join us in witnessing the finest professionals in the hemp industry being acknowledged for their remarkable contributions to health, medicine, cosmetics, nutrition, textiles, wellness, entrepreneurship, and industrial sectors. .

India Hemp Awards Categories

• Hemp Company of the year

• Entrepreneur of the year

• Hemp Nutraceutical Company of the year

• Hemp Cosmetic Company of the year

• Medical Hemp Company of the year

• Medical Hemp Practitioner of the year

• Hemp Textile Company of the year

• Hemp Nutrition Company of the year

• Hemp Wellness Company of the year

• Start-up of the year (Industrial Hemp)

• Start-up of the year (Medical Hemp)

• Innovation of the year

• Start-up Hemp Manufacturing Company of the year

• Start-up Hemp Textile Company of the year

• Start-up Hemp Cosmetics Company of the year

• Start-up Hemp Nutrition Company of the year

• Start-up Hemp Wellness Company of the year

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• No outside food, beverages are allowed.

• Meals are not included in the ticket price.

• No Exhibitor/ Visitor/ Speaker/ Media or person is/are allowed to bring Kids or Pets at the show.

• The possession and the presentation of a valid Ticket is a mandatory condition for a visitor to enter the Exhibition site.

• Tickets are only valid if purchased or obtained directly via an India Hemp Expo 2023 Authorised Sales Channel.

• Once Tickets are purchased by the Purchaser, the Purchaser is solely responsible for safeguarding all Tickets purchased.

• IHE 2024 reserves the right to refuse access to or eject any Ticket Holder from the Exposition Site, including any Venue, if they cannot provide a suitable ID, Ticket.

• IHE 2024 shall not be obliged to issue any duplicate or replacement Tickets for any lost or misplaced tickets.

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• Any and all bank or other charges incurred as a result of monetary transfer or currency conversion will be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.

• IHE 2024 Feburuary, at its sole and absolute discretion, cancel a purchase from anyone whom they believe plans to offer or has offered a Ticket for resale or commercial gain in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

• Fraudulent purchase or misuse of a Discounted Ticket or Complimentary Ticket by a Purchaser or Ticket Holder shall mean that such Tickets shall be void, together with any other Tickets held by the Ticket Holder or Purchaser, the Ticket Holder shall not be permitted entry to the Exposition Site and/or Venue and the Ticket Holder will be asked to leave the Exposition Site and/or Venue without refund.

• Photography and videography during any speaker session are prohibited unless the photographer or videographer is a member of the media and has a designated Press Badge.

• IHE 2024 shall not be responsible for any air conditioning or electricity failure, theft, any act of law or requirements of the public authority or other cause.

• Organizer/ Venue will NOT be responsible for any loss/ damage of your product/s, material during the event.

• Attendees are not allowed to consume or ask samples from exhibitors or anyone else during the show in the venue.

• Smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol or carrying any other form of drugs is not permitted at the venue. If anyone found violating the same will be subject to prosecution as per the State Law.

• The Ticket Holder consents, as a mandatory condition for access to the exhibition Site and any Venues if indicated, to a security inspection/screening before and/or during the entry to the Venue. The security checks may include a body search, bag inspection or inspection of other objects owned and carried by the Ticket Holder.

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(i) All types of explosive substances and devices;

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(iii) Ammunition (including fake items);

(iv) Gas pistols and cartridges;

(v) Detonator capsules, electrical detonators, electrical flammables, detonating cord;

(vi) All controlled substances;

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(x) Flails and knuckledusters;

(xi) Electroshock equipment/stun guns;

(xii) Alcohol;

(xiii) Personal protection sprays such as CS or pepper sprays;

(xiv) Fireworks, flares and smoke canisters;

(xv)Radioactive Materials;

(xvi) Corrosive Materials; and

(xvii) Radio or mobile phone jammers, radio scanners, unauthorised radios